Peg Stearn

M.Div., D.Min., minister, shaman and soul worker. Using ancient and contemporary tools, she offers ways to cleanse old patterns, reconnect with the creative flow of healing energy and restore our highest destiny.

Peg offers individual sessions and classes that support and encourage our soul's journey.

We live at an extraordinary moment in human evolution. In order to fully embrace our next steps as a specie, we need to move beyond the limiting framework and karma of the past, both individually and globally.

As a practicing shaman, healer and sage, Peg Stearn offers medicine that unites the spirit and body while energizing the soul to fulfill its purpose.

     Using ancient  and contemporary tools such as soul retrieval and dream work,
Peg offers opportunities to cleanse old patterns, connect with healing energy and contact one’s highest destiny. Individual sessions help each person release their past, face their fears, access their joy and dream their life into being.

Workshops and classes provides ways in which we step together into a future of harmony, compassion and deep connection with Mother Earth and all our relations.  In her ministry and healing practice, Peg works with individuals using soul direction and shamanic traditions.  Working with groups of all ages, Peg creates workshops and experiences that promote healing and wholeness for the community and the earth.
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